Construction and Remodeling
All construction, new and remodel, must be approved before even a shovelful of dirt can be moved. The application procedure is simple and fast and requires a refundable deposit with a completed Application.
Please contact the Architectural Committee to verify that proper procedures have been followed. The current chairman is Mike Pena. He can be reached at


View the Mandatory Restrictive Covenants Summary or actual documents:
Ranchos Unit 4 Covenants
Ranchos Unit 4 Covenants 2-20-2014 Amendment
Ranchos Unit 5 Covenants

Ranchos Unit 6 Covenants
Ranchos Unit 7 Covenants

This Plat Map shows boundaries for all units (1-7)



Going on vacation
You can fill out a Close Patrol Program Request.

*Disclaimer: The Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office created the Close Patrol Program to further assist the community in keeping their property safe while they are away. We make a diligent effort to conduct close patrols on a regular basis when staffing allows. However, Sandoval County and the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee the security of any properties listed on a Close Patrol Program Request Form. If you are going to be away from your home, please take additional precautions, beyond submitting a Close Patrol Program Request Form, to secure and protect your property in your absence.



Dogs must be leashed and under your control when off your property. In addition to violating the covenants, unleashed dogs also constitute a violation of Sandoval County regulations. You can also suffer liability issues if your dog damages property or injures another animal or person. Please clean up after your dog. It is the neighborly thing to do.


Night Skies
We try to encourage the preservation of the night skies. Whenever possible, please limit your night lighting to what is essential; and please keep it shielded and aimed down.