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Ranchos de Placitas
A High Desert Community

Introduction to the Community

Ranchos de Placitas (RDP) is truly a High Desert Community located 6,000 feet in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains offering a quiet and peaceful lifestyle.  State Road 165 and Interstate 25 offer quick access to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, as well as the neighboring communities of Bernalillo and Rio Rancho.

Placitas is located on State Road 165 east of Interstate 25 between Santa Fe, 34 miles to the north, and Albuquerque 13 miles to the south.  The Sandia Mountains and Cibola National Forest are just to the south offering nearby nature trails.  Originally twenty-one founding families moved into the area and formed the Village of Placitas, meaning “little plazas”.  The pleasant residential community atmosphere of years past continues today.

Vegetation in the area consists primarily of Pinon Pine, Ponderosa Pine and various species of Juniper, Oak, and Cacti.  Temperatures will range from the teens in the winter to the high 90s in the summer.  Annual precipitation averages 8 – 9 inches, with approximately 6 inches occurring during the summer growing season. 

This foothill location will generally experience 3 to 4 snowfalls between November and April.  The first killing frost comes around the end of September with the last killing frost taking place around mid-May, thus providing a growing season of about 4 ½ months.

Ranchos de Placitas was established in 1959 as a subdivision of Sandoval County, New Mexico.  Ranchos de Placitas consists of approximately 300 acres located on the northern end of the Sandia Mountains 3 miles west of the Village of Placitas.  The community has lots ranging in size of 1 to 5 acres.

Homeowners Association(s)

A Homeowners Association was established to ensure that all lot development and construction follows set standards for appearance and safety preserving the natural beauty and character of the community as outlined in the Restrictive Covenants adopted in 1959.  Restrictive Covenants were originally placed and made binding on all lots in Units I, II, and III of Ranchos de Placitas in August of 1959, December of 1959, in April of 1960 and amended in July of 1979. 

Restrictive Covenants were originally placed and made binding on all lots in Units IV, V, VI and VII in June of 1964, April of 1965, May of 1968 and October of 1970.  The Ranchos de Placitas Property Owners Association was established in 1983 with an architectural committee to oversee Units IV, V, VI and VII.

The Ranchos de Placitas Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation to provide organization for Home and Lot owners in Ranchos de Placitas, Units I, II and III.  A Board of Directors is elected to oversee and enforce the Restrictive Covenants.  The Board consists of a President, Treasurer, Secretary and two members elected on an annual basis.  The Board also oversees and appoints the Architectural Committee.

 The North Ranchos de Placitas Property Owners Association, a non-profit association incorporated under the laws of the State of New Mexico, was established in 1983 to oversee Units IV, V, VI, and VII.  The purpose of the Association is to give property owners a stronger collective voice in all matters which may be of mutual concern and interest, to foster community awareness and to impose the restrictive and protective covenants.  A Board of Directors is elected by the general membership every 2 years consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Each Unit shall be entitled to appoint a representative of that Unit to serve as director and who shall be present at any time and all executive committee meetings. 

The Board President appoints the following standing committees:

Architectural Committee:  To review all proposed construction and to assist in the interpretation of the protective covenants.

Fire Service Committee:  To represent the Association in any and all matters relating to fire safety or safety where common interests may be served and to establish policies.

Road Maintenance Committee:  To represent the Association to federal, state or county highway departments in matters where common interest may be served, and to establish policies.

Membership Committee:  To promote the inclusion of all Ranchos de Placitas property owners into the association as members.

Social Committee:  To plan and organize all social functions as may be desired by the general membership.

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors of the Homeowners / Property Owners Association, will meet periodically to review architectural design to ensure compliance of the restrictive covenants of the community.  All design plans will be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Committee or a designated representative prior to construction. A PDF application form is available here that you can download, fill out, and save on your computer.

The following documents are available online:
Unit 4 Covenants
Unit 4 Covenants Amendment February 20, 2014
Unit 5 Covenants

Unit 6 Covenants
Unit 7 Covenants

A plat map of the entire Ranchos de Placitas subdivision can be viewed here.

Home    Introduction    Covenants Summary    Utilities and Services    Clubs and Organizations  
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