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Property Owners Association
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Going on vacation?
Notify the Sandoval County Sheriff's Office when you'll be away. The preferred process is for a resident to e-mail scsocrimewatch@sandovalcountynm.gov or call 505-867-7526 and make a close patrol request. Once a request has been made, a Close Patrol Request form is generated and placed in a binder that Deputies review at the beginning of each shift. If the request comes in the form of an e-mail, the e-mail is also forwarded to the Deputies in addition to being placed in the Close Patrol Request binder.

Click here for a fillable PDF file of an updated Close Patrol Request form.

This is from: Lieutenant Allen Mills, amills@sandovalcountynm.gov

Your Dogs
Dogs must be leashed and under your control when off your property. This seems to be a frequent problem in Ranchos. In addition to violating the covenants, unleashed dogs also constitute a violation of
Sandoval County regulations. Be aware that you can also suffer liability issues if your dog damages property or injures another animal or person. An interpretive extension of this covenant regulation would also suggest that you should clean up after your dog. It is the neighborly thing to do.


Construction and Remodeling
All construction, new and remodel, must be approved before even a shovelful of dirt can be moved. The application procedure is simple and fast. The actual restrictions are straightforward and sensible. The biggest problem we have in Ranchos is work being done that has not been approved or even applied for approval. Keep in mind that we all have to adhere to the same restrictive covenants and they exist to provide a certain minimum level of standards that serve to maintain the flavor of Ranchos and also to preserve our property values.

Ranchos does not have in place a system to monitor unauthorized building. Therefore it is up to all of us as property owners to verify that any work being done has been approved. The Architectural Commission encourages all calls to verify that proper procedures have been followed. The current chairman is
James Gay and he can be reached at  architectural@ranchosdeplacitas.org.


Night Skies
We try to encourage the preservation of the night skies, so whenever possible please limit your night lighting to what is essential, and please keep it shielded and aimed down.

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