Ranchos de Placitas Property Owners Association Meeting - April 27, 2024 - 10AM - Placitas Community Library

2023 Update

(This is a digital version of a letter going into snail mail for those whose email address we do not have – we’d love to save on postage so please consider giving us your email address by subscribing to the brief at the bottom of the page.)

Greetings RdPPOA Member,

I’m writing to explain why I elected not to have an annual meeting in 2023.

In the recent past, as you may know, our annual financial reports have spanned from the day of the previous year’s annual meeting until the day before the current year’s annual meeting. This was simply a logistical issue due to the fact that our annual meeting occurred before the end of our fiscal year.

Our bylaws state, “The fiscal year of the Association shall be the 12-month period beginning January 1 and ending December 31.” To my knowledge, follow up financial reports covering our true fiscal years have not been provided for at least four years.

The bylaws also state that, “A general membership meeting may be called by the president upon ten days’ written notice as often as is necessary to conduct business, but no less than once per year.”

The combination of the partial financial reports and the meeting requirement of once per year created a conundrum that I believe needs to be resolved. Therefore, I decided to hold off on the annual meeting until the first quarter of 2024 so we could reset everything and get back to a full fiscal year when reporting for the annual meeting.

Below you will find linked a 2023 complete financial report if you want to see it before we get a 2023 Annual Meeting scheduled sometime early in 2024.

Our association’s annual dues are voluntary. Only properties which are current on the year’s dues are eligible to vote on any matters that come before the association. We hope you will consider paying dues for the 2024 year and participating in the Association.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2024!
Craig Kendall
President – Ranchos de Placitas Property Owners Association

Dues can be paid by sending a $24 check made out to Ranchos de Placitas Property Owners Association via mail to PO Box 132, Placitas NM 87043

2023 Financial Report (1/1/2023 – 12/31/2024) (PDF)